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Workforce planning aligns your organization’s strategic goals with its talent needs for tomorrow.

Workforce planning stewards critical synergies that exist between the organization's vision, mission, and strategic goals and its talent. 

Workforce planning is not just for CEO succession. Workforce planning steadily builds, expands, and strengthens your organization's core talents, while it also diminishes those disruptions that occur from the untimely departure of your most critical talent.


Sadly, most organizations are so stretched finding talent for today's needs that tomorrow's go unnoticed. Less than 10% of organizations have a strategic, multi-year talent plan.


At Proclivity, we provide a 5-year workforce assessment that addresses criteria such as unlocking potential of your existing talent and an analysis of critical positions in light of your current and intermediate-term organizational goals and plans. This assessment provides a formalized, multi-year talent plan and other insights and analyses, depending on your needs.

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