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Do you remember the job you loved? That job inspired your very best, and its impact has influenced your entire life to this day. Time flew by, and you were doing awesome work with amazing people. Everything seemed to just flow. 


Talent is the highest expression of your potential. Talent is who you are. Talent is revealed when you do those things you are most passionate about and do extraordinarily well. 


Likewise, when your talents are aligned to your job, its performance expectations, and your organization's culture, you are able to achieve the your highest expression of your potential on a daily basis. When this happens, benefits that accrue to you, your organization, and the entire world around you are immense, and they are long-lasting.


At Proclivity, we help clients manage their most valued asset. We do so by building teams of highly compatible and synergistic talents — which is our success formula for sustained organizational excellence, job satisfaction and career fulfillment. 


Our success formula is evidenced by the long-term employment of our recruitments, which exceeds 7 years, and which is more than twice the industry norm for our Mid-Atlantic region.


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