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Top performing employees are known for their expertise and influence organization-wide. They demonstrate personal integrity, strategic decision-making, and a unique capacity to advance organizational behaviors, performance, and outcomes.

At Proclivity, we modeled our talent acquisition and onboarding in the best practices for change-management, which are superior in several distinct ways to the classical recruitment & selection model.

One way our methodology is superior is the inclusion of a comprehensive onboarding plan with each new hire.


Our onboarding plan accelerates your new hire's integration, assimilation, and engagement before Day 1 on the job. This plan also becomes the tool for you that helps you lead, manage, and measure your new hire’s progress throughout their first year and beyond.


Our onboarding plan sets-up conditions for maximum effectiveness, employee engagement, productivity, and resource utilization.  Our onboarding plan also minimizes your new hire’s learning curve and unnecessary turnover.


Other distinct ways our methods are superior include: the manner in which we assess people and organizations; and best practices we use to match talented professionals to our clients' unique needs.  The most profound distinction is the sustainability of benefits that accrue to our clients — evidenced in the long-term employment tenure of talent acquired through us.  This tenure exceeds 7 years, which is more than twice the industry norm for our Mid-Atlantic region.

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